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Our Stories

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Agrim 3

Agrim Singh: Hacking the Hackathon

The ins and outs of hackathons


An Afternoon with Corinna: Behind the Scenes of the SUTD Brand

Singapore’s fourth public university


Dance DerivativeZ: Anybody Can Dance!

Everything for the Family


How to Kick-Start Your MOGICS

Doing travel products the right way


The Secret Life of Ozgun Balaban

SUTD's own jack-of-all-trades


A Courtship Like No Other

Leong Hei Kern and his passion for SUTD


One Architect, One Engineer, Two Sisters

Meet Geraldine and Jolene, the sisters on campus!


Achievement Unlocked: Design Workshops for Aspiring Engineers

We believe in learning by doing!


One Ring at a Time

A chat with Edward and Olivia, the inventors behind the Sesame Ring!


From Blueprints to Reality

What goes into the building of a campus? We spoke to the man behind it.


Making a Difference Through Design

Professor Lynette Cheah shares her love for engineering and design.


New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges

A look into SUTD’s iconic Chinese New Year decorations.


Design for Good

Solving problems in meaningful ways.

_MG_0460 small

Professor Kang Shua: The Monuments Man

Fuelling a passion for architecture, conservation and community.


A P2P Touch

Learning by way of teaching others.


Discovering Mount SUTD

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.


Food Culture: Food is Where the Heart is

The relationship between food and people is an obvious one, and SUTD certainly has no shortage of food stories.


Li Yiyang: Footprints of the Green Monster

More sustainability, less waste!


Professor Suranga: The Engineer Dreams

Tinker on!

Tom (featured)

Tom, Our President

A visionary with a high-five.


Teck Leong: A Man of Commitment

From Ghim Moh to East Coast, Teck Leong is SUTD’s longest-serving employee!


Guardians of the SUTD Galaxy

The team that needs no introduction.


Professor Chong, Our Provost

Building a new university to nurture a new generation of leaders.


Minions: Serving Happiness

Dishing happiness one minion at a time!


The Force Behind the Robots

Find out the challenges and lessons learnt from participants of the annual IDC Robocon.

Library Pavilion

One Last Look at Dover Campus

Let's see what some folks have to say about places and objects in SUTD!

Mak Yiing Huey (ASD)

Mak Yiing Huey

Class of 2015, ASD

Chiew Jia En (ASD)

Chiew Jia En

Class of 2015, ASD

Yeo Song Pei (ASD)

Yeo Song Pei

Class of 2015, ASD

Darell Teo EPD

Darell Teo

Class of 2015, EPD

Terence Chao (ASD)

Terence Chew

Class of 2015, ASD

Jacklyn Chan (ASD)

Jacklyn Chan

Class of 2015, ASD

Chou I Hsuan (ASD)

Chou I Hsuan

Class of 2015, ASD

Pamela Dychengbeng Chua (ASD)

Pamela Chua

Class of 2015, EPD

Chua Jie Han (EPD)

Chua Jie Han

Class of 2015, EPD

Dexter Chew (EPD)

Dexter Chew

Class of 2015, EPD

Cheong Li Yang (EPD)

Cheong Li Yang

Class of 2015, EPD

Kevin Lee (ISTD)

Kevin Lee

Class of 2015, ISTD

Tilak Benith (ESD)

Tilak Benith

Class of 2015, ESD

Roger Ong (ISTD)

Roger Ong

Class of 2015, ISTD

Crystal Tee (ISTD)

Crystal Tee

Class of 2015, ISTD

Felicia Choo (ESD)

Felicia Choo

Class of 2015, ESD

Edward Loke (ISTD)

Edward Loke

Class of 2015, ISTD

Andrew Toh (ESD)

Andrew Toh

Class of 2015, ESD

Hao Bei Bei (EPD)

Hao Bei Bei

Class of 2015, EPD

Liu Weilong (ISTD)

Liu Weilong

Class of 2015, ISTD

Soh En Wei (ISTD) and Yan Zi Hao (ESD)

Soh En Wei & Yan Zi Hao

Class of 2015, ISTD & ESD

Immanuella Lim (ISTD)

Immanuella Lim

Class of 2015, ISTD

Cynthia Tong (ESD)

Cynthia Tong

Class of 2015, ESD

Thin Ei San (ISTD)

Thin Ei San

Class of 2015, ISTD

Ann Wee and Seto Elizabeth (EPD)

Ann Wee & Seto Elizabeth

Class of 2015, EPD

Lena Toh (ASD)

Lena Toh

Class of 2015, ASD

Samuel Lee (EPD)

Samuel Lee

Class of 2015, EPD

Ang Shu Yi Delphine (ESD)

Ang Shu Yi Delphine

Class of 2015, ESD

Goh Yi Qian (ASD)

Goh Yi Qian

Class of 2015, ASD

Doron Teh (EPD)

Doron Teh

Class of 2015, EPD

Scott Chiang (ISTD)

Scott Chiang

Class of 2015, ISTD

Ng Jia Yi (ESD)

Ng Jia Yi

Class of 2015, ESD

Li Yiyang (ESD)

Li Yiyang

Class of 2015, ESD

Kang Yue Sheng Benjamin (ISTD)

Benjamin Kang

Class of 2015, ISTD

Chen Qian (ESD) and Zhu Heng Yu (EPD)

Chen Qian & Zhu Heng Yu

Class of 2015, ESD & EPD

Ho Wei Sze (ASD)

Ho Wei Sze

Class of 2015, ASD

Chong Tze Hao (EPD)

Chong Tze Hao

Class of 2015, EPD

Tan En Yi (ISTD)

Tan En Yi

Class of 2015, ISTD

Melissa Lim ASD

Melissa Lim

Class of 2015, ASD

It's D'over

It’s D’over

A short horror film production in the students' hostel at our previous Dover Campus!

Chua Jie Han

Chua Jie Han

Class of 2015, EPD

Ng Zi Kai

Ng Zi Kai

Class of 2016, ESD

Samuel Chin

Samuel Chin

Class of 2015, ISTD

Mak Yiing Huey

Mak Yiing Huey

Class of 2015, ASD

Yi Hao Tan

Tan Yi Hao

Class of 2017, 14F06

Yin Ting

Yin Ting

ZJU Exchange Student, EPD

Chin Joon Keat

Chin Joon Keat

Class of 2016, EPD

Tiffany Koh

Tiffany Koh

Class of 2016, ESD