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Bryan Phang Ying Xian

I graduated with a Diploma in Aerospace engineering from Temasek Polytechnic. I served my time in the national service as a Ground base air defence (GBAD) officer in the Air force. I am the youngest of my three siblings which one of them is already married. I like to spend my free time reading on health and fitness and also going to the gym. My hobbies are cooking, watching movies and researching on random things that I find interesting. I like to always think of ways to solve current issues that we face using technology. Therefore, I want to hone my skills and find like-minded people to work together with, pondering on ideas to make the world a better and more conducive place to live in. Favorite quote: '' No pain, No gain.'' Personal philosophy: There is no such thing as an impossible task, there is only an illusion that impossibility exists. If you put your mind, heart and soul to whatever you want to achieve, every idea thought of no matter how ridiculous it may seem will eventually succeed.