Week 2: Huawei field trip and my Impromptu decision

This post comes a bit behind schedule due to the swarm of things that flooded my to do list after returning from Shanghai over the weekend. This week is the marks the 3rd weekend since...

Week 15 – Post-Exchange Video

Exchange Ends but Here is an Awesome Video of our Time at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. Seat back and Enjoy.

120-Days-In-Seoul (Community Service)

The festival is named in an alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals published by the United Nations. It has 3 main segments: World, People and Love. For the “World” segment, it consists of...

120-Days-In-Seoul (WEEK 9)

It is nearing the Halloween weekend and there are many Halloween events around Seoul. During the last week of October, I visited the Lotte World with my friends. We got to explore the Lotte...

120-Days-In-Seoul (Week 7 and 8)

The mid-terms exams are during the end of October. I spent these 2 weeks mostly preparing of the upcoming exams as it was my first time taking an exam in a Korean university. Although...

Week 14 – Departure from Seoul

This post is not to mention any sad farewells. Rather this post serves to inform what are the necessary actions to take to ensure a proper closure to exchange. Ensure that you have submitted...

Week 13 – Exam Preparations in Hanyang University

It's crunch time, everybody is hitting the books during the 3-4 week exam period. Even way before that, study culture here is a quite a norm. As most courses tend to be very advanced...

Week 9 – Worth It Winners

Everyone always complains about how expensive life is in Singapore. I felt like that was true, until I came to Seoul. Most food items at normal restaurants cost about 5k~7k won, and with the...

End of Exchange in POSTECH

Annyeong! 4 months of exchange has finally came to an end and it's a mixed feeling for me. On one hand, i can't wait to return back to Singapore and to all the local food...

Week 12 – Skate-Boarding at Seoul Forest

  Try SkateBoarding at Seoul Forest with friends which is very near to Hanyang University.


Week 14: It’s Over


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