Living on Campus – a Sneak Peek into Freshmore Life at SUTD

We recently paid a visit to Cheryl Low, one of SUTD’s university ambassadors and Freshmore student, to get the inside scoop about living at SUTD Hostel.

State of the art – the many facets that give SUTD its vibrant arts...

When most people think of SUTD, the arts isn't usually something associated with the school. However, if you look beneath the surface, you will find a culture of the arts that is vibrant and bustling with constant activity. Hear from three students to get the inside scoop.

Creating SUTD’s Culture and How These Student Leaders play Their Parts

After the recent SUTD Student Achievement Awards 2018, we caught up with Benedict, Kai Wei, Jonathan and Sharmaine who have been making a significant impact in the lives of other SUTD students.

Easy Guide to Financing Your Degree

There are various methods to fund your education at SUTD and figuring that out does not have to be stressful. Find out more in this article on the various ways that you can fund your degree.

A Transformable Space for a Historical Space

This article first appeared in BTS Issue 2. By Benjamin Chong, Sophomore Architecture and Sustainable Design Covering 908.89 hectares, our site, Liangzhu National Heritage Park, is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It encloses ancient ruins belonging to...

A Glimpse Into The Future: Open House 2018

Re-cap of the recently concluded SUTD Open House 2018

SUTD Fifth Row – Created by students, for students

At SUTD, we have a vibrant range of Fifth Row groups. Today, there are over 90 Fifth Row groups on campus ranging from arts to sports to special interests. We spoke to 8 of them to get a better sense of what their student group does.

The Palladio Studio

The Palladio Studio is a Term 8 sustainable design option studio led by Rene Tan, co-founder of RT+Q Architects. The studio aims to study the relevance of Palladian architecture in our modern context and apply the values of scale, proportion and hierarchy to meet the needs and challenges of architecture.

Spreading Joy through Lights

SUTD undergraduate students get an unforgettable experience in transforming the streets of Chinatown to usher in the Lunar New Year.

10 things to look out for at the SUTD Open House 2018

The SUTD Open House 2018 is right around the corner! Are you excited about it yet? With many of our faculty and students putting the final touches on their workshops, performances and interactive booths,...