The Journey to Winterthur Wow, it’s been quite the journey getting to Winterthur, with tight legroom and tighter transfers. Hectic layovers aside, all this travelling has left me thinking deeply about the carbon footprint we...

10 things to look out for at the SUTD Open House 2018

The SUTD Open House 2018 is right around the corner! Are you excited about it yet? With many of our faculty and students putting the final touches on their workshops, performances and interactive booths,...

Inside CRUX 2018: How Fifth Row clubs are nurturing leaders of the community

Meet Teo Yi Liang, Event Director of CRUX 2018 and President of SUTD Climbers and discover what goes into the planning of CRUX 2018 and find out what it means to him to be able to turn his passion into achievement.

SUTD Fifth Row – Created by students, for students

At SUTD, we have a vibrant range of Fifth Row groups. Today, there are over 90 Fifth Row groups on campus ranging from arts to sports to special interests. We spoke to 8 of them to get a better sense of what their student group does.

The SUTD Postgrad experience: Juggling research, lab work, family and… even Fifth Rows?

Four graduate students tell us why they chose SUTD and why they think more people might consider doing the same. Tell us about your research: Song Wenjian M Ridhuan: I started my PhD at the Engineering...

Kicking it with Fifth Row (aka CCAs)

This article first appeared in BTS Issue 4. There are currently over 75 Fifth Row groups in SUTD ranging from arts and community, to sports and culture. And if you can’t find a group that...

Discovering Mount SUTD

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Dance DerivativeZ: Anybody Can Dance!

Everything for the Family

STEPPING into the world of technology, entrepreneurship and design

Meet SUTDent Lee Jia Juen, from the pioneer batch and scholarship holder of the SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP), an integrated programme culminating in a Bachelor and Master degree. How did you first become interested...

My SUTD experience: Samuel Low

8 September 2018 is Graduation Day at SUTD. As we celebrate this occasion, let us hear from Samuel Low (Engineering Product Engineering, Class of 2018) as he reflects upon his SUTD experience. SUTD isn’t simply...