The Prolific Professor Kristin Wood – Creating People at Universities

“What universities create are people, the things we create, the patents, the papers, are secondary” - Professor Kristin Wood. Not genetically though, but pedagogically. We speak to Professor Kristin Wood, one of the visionaries behind...

Top Perks of Joining SUTD Check out the top perks of joining a young university like SUTD. Gear up for a bright future in technology and design with SUTD! #ChooseSUTD

Guiding Tomorrow’s Leaders to Design Systems That Drive Innovation

Professor Peter Jackson shares his vision for SUTD and the future “There is a joke I recently heard about the SUTD community: in Engineering Product Development (EPD), you learn to make products, in Information Systems...

Setting the global stage for SUTD with research and international relations

Professor Yeo Kiat Seng sheds insights on how he intends to propel the young university to international prominence. Competing on the global stage is no small task. For a small and young university like SUTD,...

Where Nanoscopic Magic Happens

Professor Low Hong Yee shows us the building blocks of our tactile world and why she thinks mother nature still knows best.The nanoworld is intriguing. A curious peek through the microscope sends you tumbling...

How the team at ROAR conceives the robot of the future through critical design...

Not too long ago, Prof Mohan and his team sat huddled in their research laboratory, all eyes fixed on one YouTube clip in particular. On the screen, a cebrennus rechenbergi, or cartwheeling spider, is...

Affable: Building a startup from scratch

Affable, a Singapore-based influencer marketing platform, co-founded by SUTD alumni Swayam Narain, successfully raised a seed funding of S$1 million.

New Urban Kampung research programme

Remember the days when the kampung spirit was strong? Communities were tight. People knew one another. Dr Chong Keng Hua shares with us about what it takes to revive the kampung spirit in our communities.

Ten most Instagrammable spaces in SUTD

Take a leisurely stroll with us as we explore some of the more photogenic spaces on campus.

The Future Economy and How SUTD Prepares Our Graduates for It

We recently had the privilege of speaking with four SUTD alumni to learn more about the exciting roles they are playing in shaping the future economy and how the SUTD experience has prepared them for their roles.