Tan Yi Hao

Class of 2017, 14F06

Li Yiyang: Footprints of the Green Monster

More sustainability, less waste!

The Dream SUTD Starter Pack

What would the starter pack meme look like if it were a real thing in SUTD? We recently asked some SUTD students to see what this would contain. Laptop: MacBook Pro If there’s one thing that’s...

Making Waves in Bio-Microfluidics: A Breakthrough Technology

Dr Ye Ai shares his breakthrough research on single cell level sorting technology and the quest to influence the future of cancer treatment

Top Perks of Joining SUTD

https://youtu.be/PgTJuuZ_oeE Check out the top perks of joining a young university like SUTD. Gear up for a bright future in technology and design with SUTD! #ChooseSUTD

Scott Chiang

Class of 2015, ISTD

Ten most Instagrammable spaces in SUTD

Take a leisurely stroll with us as we explore some of the more photogenic spaces on campus.

How the team at ROAR conceives the robot of the future through critical design...

Not too long ago, Prof Mohan and his team sat huddled in their research laboratory, all eyes fixed on one YouTube clip in particular. On the screen, a cebrennus rechenbergi, or cartwheeling spider, is...

Immanuella Lim

Class of 2015, ISTD

Hao Bei Bei

Class of 2015, EPD