Thin Ei San

Class of 2015, ISTD

Yin Ting

ZJU Exchange Student, EPD

Li Yiyang

Class of 2015, ESD

It’s D’over

A short horror film production in the students' hostel at our previous Dover Campus!

Kevin Lee

Class of 2015, ISTD

How to Kick-Start Your MOGICS

Doing travel products the right way

Chin Joon Keat

Class of 2016, EPD

Top Perks of Joining SUTD Check out the top perks of joining a young university like SUTD. Gear up for a bright future in technology and design with SUTD! #ChooseSUTD

Tiffany Koh

Class of 2016, ESD

One Ring at a Time

A chat with Edward and Olivia, the inventors behind the Sesame Ring!