Delphine Ang – Your Analytical Mind x Our Future-Ready Curriculum

Pictured above: Delphine, who is currently a Senior Manager under the Changi Airport Group. Find out how Delphine’s analytical mind and SUTD’s future-ready education prepared her to transform the future of air travel.  This article is...

One Ring at a Time

A chat with Edward and Olivia, the inventors behind the Sesame Ring!

The Future Economy and How SUTD Prepares Our Graduates for It

We recently had the privilege of speaking with four SUTD alumni to learn more about the exciting roles they are playing in shaping the future economy and how the SUTD experience has prepared them for their roles.

Real-world skills from SUTD (Part 1)

We ask our alumni about how their SUTD experience empowered them with real-world skills. Like what you just read? Have a query for our students and/or Admissions Team? Speak to them here! Find out what student life...

Terence Chew

Class of 2015, ASD

Immanuella Lim

Class of 2015, ISTD

How these SUTD Alumnae are Paving the Way for Women in Technology

We caught up with three high flying alumnae for a wide-ranging conversation about what they’ve been up to since graduating, and to look back at their SUTD experience.

Soh En Wei & Yan Zi Hao

Class of 2015, ISTD & ESD

Tan En Yi

Class of 2015, ISTD

A World of Innovative Products with Amy Gibson

When imagining innovations of the future, we often think of levitating pods, devices to store our consciousness, or even flying cars. Those might sound out-of-this-world, but the same inventive thinking is the foundation of...