Scott Chiang

Class of 2015, ISTD

Cynthia Tong

Class of 2015, ESD

Darell Teo

Class of 2015, EPD

Li Yiyang

Class of 2015, ESD

Chong Tze Hao

Class of 2015, EPD

Samuel Lee

Class of 2015, EPD

Blooming In STEM: Lessons From Our Female Alumni

Imagine what an SUTD education will do for you. Apply now at Every year in March, we celebrate International Women’s Day, but celebrating the females around us shouldn’t only happen then. After all, there’s a...

The Future Economy and How SUTD Prepares Our Graduates for It

We recently had the privilege of speaking with four SUTD alumni to learn more about the exciting roles they are playing in shaping the future economy and how the SUTD experience has prepared them for their roles.

Tan Yi Hao

Class of 2017, 14F06