Minions: Serving Happiness

Dishing happiness one minion at a time!

A Greener World with Natalie Ng

With the rise of every new urban development, a slice of nature gets taken away. The degradation of our natural environment is often the price we pay for modernisation. As a sustainability enthusiast, you...

Pamela Chua

Class of 2015, EPD

Reflections from SUTD alumna Jezamine Chua

We ask Jezamine about her learning journey in SUTD, and her thoughts on SUTD's goal towards gender diversity. She has been working as an architect in S A Chua Architects since graduation. 1. How has education...

One Last Look at Dover Campus

Let's see what some folks have to say about places and objects in SUTD!

The Force Behind the Robots

Find out the challenges and lessons learnt from participants of the annual IDC Robocon.

Immanuella Lim

Class of 2015, ISTD

How these SUTD Alumnae are Paving the Way for Women in Technology

We caught up with three high flying alumnae for a wide-ranging conversation about what they’ve been up to since graduating, and to look back at their SUTD experience.

Lim Jia Xuan – Your Design Vision x Our Human-Centric Design Approach

Pictured above: after co-founding Codomo with a group of SUTD graduates, Jia Xuan currently serves as the company’s Chief Operations Officer. Find out how Jia Xuan’s design vision and SUTD’s human-centric design approach helped her...

Hao Bei Bei

Class of 2015, EPD