SUTD at Singapore Airshow 2018

SUTD had the pleasure to participate in the SIngapore Airshow 2018 and it was an impressive showcase of various collaboration opportunities to take interested partners to the next step.

Creating a Generation Ready for an AI Augmented Future

In an age of AI and automation, Prof Tony Quek believes that SUTD has the edge with its interdisciplinary curriculum, focus on creating a startup mindset and initiatives to get students an international perspective.

The Secret Life of Ozgun Balaban

SUTD's own jack-of-all-trades

SUTD Explains: Sustainable Transport

There are about 1.3 billion vehicles in the world today, and this figure is expected to grow to 2 billion by the year 2050. So how can we make sure our increasing travel needs...

Take a trip into SUTD’s award-winning labs

This is iTrust: home to four fully-functional, miniature versions of power generation, water treatment, water distribution systems, and the Internet of Things.  Singapore is poised to become one of the leading smart cities in the...

New Urban Kampung research programme

Remember the days when the kampung spirit was strong? Communities were tight. People knew one another. Dr Chong Keng Hua shares with us about what it takes to revive the kampung spirit in our communities.

SUTD Explains: Beyond Plastic

Touted as the future of plastic, FLAM - a fungal-like adhesive material - is strong, lightweight, inexpensive and most importantly, biodegradable. Designed and fabricated by Associate Professor Stylianos Dritsas from Architecture and Sustainable Design and...

Making Waves in Bio-Microfluidics: A Breakthrough Technology

Dr Ye Ai shares his breakthrough research on single cell level sorting technology and the quest to influence the future of cancer treatment

SUTD Explains: Designing for our Rising Seas

Amidst the pressing issue of rising sea levels, Professor of Practice Eva Castro from SUTD's Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar explains how her research lab, Form Axioms, is looking into designing sustainable designs for...

SUTD Explains: Rethinking our Hawker Centres

What would your version of a re-imagined hawker centre look like? In this episode of ‘SUTD Explains’, Assistant Professor Carlos Bañón explores the architectural possibilities of our hawker centres and how they can evolve to...