SUTD Visual Research – Structural Colour Printing

Associate Professor Joel Yang leads the NanoLab at SUTD, and is recognised for pioneering work in plasmonic and structural colour printing.Find out more about Professor Yang  Like what you just read? Have a query for...

SUTD Visual Research – Designing Ethics

Credits to Dr Jeffrey Chan, Assistant Professor from Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences cluster.

SUTD Visual Research – Novel 2D Semiconductors in Energy-Efficient Electronics

Read the paper Efficient Ohmic contacts and built-in atomic sublayer protection in MoSiN4 and WSi2N4 monolayers at: Dr Ang Yee Sin is an assistant professor at the Science, Mathematics, and Technology Cluster at SUTD, where...

SUTD Visual Research – Carbon Footprint of E-commerce Shipping Options

View the research paper Find out more about Associate Professor Lynette Cheah and her research at

SUTD Visual Research – better understanding smartphone use and its impact

With an estimation of more than 6 billion smartphone users globally, there's increasing interest in how we use our smartphones, and the effects different types of uses lead to. The researchers also conducted an in-depth...

SUTD Visual Research – Morpheus: Automatic Music Generator

Find out more about Assistant Professor Herremans and her research

SUTD Visual Research – Sustainability Reporting in Singapore

Want to know if there has been a genuine change? Visit Find out more about Gordon Tan at 

SUTD Visual Research – Towards a Better Type of Memory: Breaking the Speed Limit...

  Find out more about Assistant Professor Dr Desmond Loke and his research 

SUTD Visual Research – A guide to DIY Interstellar Travel

Read the full paper at:  Did you know that there is a Research Lab for Quantum Materials at SUTD? Learn about RLQM's research at:

SUTD Visual Research – Wireless Edge Caching

Professor Quek tells us how 5G networks will play a key role in Singapore’s digital transformation and ultimately change the way we live. Find out more about Professor Quek and his research