Reflections from SUTD alumna Jezamine Chua

We ask Jezamine about her learning journey in SUTD, and her thoughts on SUTD's goal towards gender diversity. She has been working as an architect in S A Chua Architects since graduation. 1. How has education...

Driving the use of Big Data in architecture and design through visual tools

Prof Bige Tunçer shares her passion in information modelling and how SUTD makes it easy for her to collaborate with other like-minded researchers Big data is often talked about in business and finance, but it’s...

Girls in coding: SUTD x Wiley Workshop teaches coding through fun

Secondary school girls take on a mission to save Master Yoda by programming an R2D2 robot Donna and Joey may be self-proclaimed “IT idiots” who think of computer code as an indecipherable string of zeros...

LEADING WOMEN IN TECH & DESIGN: Exposure to Science and Engineering has to start...

Assistant Professor Dawn Tan talks to #WeAreSUTD about how she wants to change the mindset of young women towards engineering

LEADING WOMEN IN TECH & DESIGN: At the cutting edge of music and AI

Assistant Professor Dorien Herremans talks to #WeAreSUTD about pursuing her passion in the male-dominated world of music and machine-learning How do you know if a song would become a hit on the music charts? How...

Where Nanoscopic Magic Happens

Professor Low Hong Yee shows us the building blocks of our tactile world and why she thinks mother nature still knows best.The nanoworld is intriguing. A curious peek through the microscope sends you tumbling...

How these SUTD Alumnae are Paving the Way for Women in Technology

We caught up with three high flying alumnae for a wide-ranging conversation about what they’ve been up to since graduating, and to look back at their SUTD experience.

An Afternoon with Corinna: Behind the Scenes of the SUTD Brand

Singapore’s fourth public university

One Architect, One Engineer, Two Sisters

Meet Geraldine and Jolene, the sisters on campus!

Making a Difference Through Design

Professor Lynette Cheah shares her love for engineering and design.