This week marks the second last week of ALP. Now that ALP is ending, I thought it would be appropriate for us to reminiscence the times we spent together as a theme. Hence, this post is dedicated for that purpose.

Theme field trips






Scale Models

Information Box

Archaeological Studio

On behalf of the theme, I would like to thank professor Wu and our helpful teaching assistants, Pan Yu, Ya Jing and Si Yu for their invaluable guidance and support; our journey in ALP would not have been so smooth sailing if not for them.

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This program contains two main parts: 1. Cognition of architecture and visiting: understanding the development of Chinese city and country, organic renewal of Hangzhou, and latest achievement of contemporary architectural design by investigation in Hangzhou. 2. Understanding the work nature, process and way of architectural design combining with specific design project; meanwhile, practicing design skill preliminarily (including understanding of design tasks, analyzing of design condition and clue, discussing of ideas, estimating of technology until expressing of design). Through practice of these two parts, knowing the relationship between design and society, technology and environment and learning how to make reasonable judgment of specific problems.


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