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The weekend of week 3, we ventured out of Hangzhou and visited the bustling city of Shanghai!!!!

propaganda museum

The propaganda museum was one of the places where all of us wanted to visit and it was definitely worth the time spent! Although… the gift shop had prints of almost all the posters, so you could save on the entry tickets and just go straight into the gift shop if you were looking to save some money and just see what the posters looked like.


Having heard so much about the maglev train , there was no doubt that I’d take a ride on it!!! Shanghai has the only commercial maglev to date in the world. Although it only has 2 short stops, its frequency of travel is still quite often and many people take it. Mostly tourists, as I observed hahaha; this might also be because one of the two stops was to the airport..?

We took the fastest train for the day and just sat a round trip from longyang station to the airport and back. It was a good 80yuan spent to me!!! The trip was really really exciting hahaha

science and tech museum

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum was one of the best museums we visited during this trip. There were so many different exhibits and the animal kingdom one amazed me especially. I’m too lazy to wait for the pictures to upload because the internet sux 🙁
so go visit and take in the sights for yourself hahaha

You can present your student card to get student price!! yay savings hahaha

tourist trap

I don’t quite remember the name of this place but it was very very touristy and crowded. It’s near Yuyuan garden, which we didn’t manage to visit because of the crowd. The food here isn’t very nice plus its expensive, so I’d advise against eating here!!

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