our origami wings
our origami wings

We rushed finish our final origami robot project so that we could relax for the rest of the week following up to the presentation!

hushu children’s day

Around midweek, we headed back to hushu special school to celebrate the children’s day! we worked with the red cross society of zhejiang uni and helped with some station games that the students took part in.

writing farewell notes

As this was our last time coming to hushu special school to help out, we wrote some farewell notes and bade goodbye to our friends here 😀

Further along the week, we visited the China Art Academy to see their graduation pieces! It was interesting to me since I wanted to become an archi student too but some of my friends found it otherwise hahaah

poster from the archi master students

The posters that the students from the art academy made were especially aesthetic to see, perhaps because of the art background of the school. Comparing these to the display back at the yueyalou at zijinggang, they each have their own style.

award for all

At the end of the week, we had our presentation for our origami robots and every group received awards for their efforts! Our group won this one 😀


After the presentation, we went ahead to celebrate our birthdays! My friend Nicholas and I have birthdays that fall on the same day, so we celebrated together at a nice Japanese restaurant in the city center.


The food was unbelievably good but we only had a small sample because the restaurant was expensive and we could only afford so much… but nevertheless!!!!!! it was great fun hehe

hangzhou provincial museum

On the weekend, we visited some museums along xihu to do research on china’s culture for our theme project.


We chanced upon a bookstore nearby after our museum hopping and I am excited to say that they have english books!! hahaha but the chinese books are in larger variety and are really cheap too.

Next week, our theme would start heading to the workshop to make our pieces and I hope everything turns out well!

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