inverted double bridge

In the middle of this week, we decided to make a day trip to wuzhou just because hahaha

fresh air!!!

The air there was really nice and fresh! Really, I’d never have noticed that the air that I’m used to breathing in was not at all fresh until I had tried this. I always thought it were normal, if there was a smoky smell that = not fresh.

inverted double bridge

This weird looking structure is actually a bridge and its reflection i the water. I don’t quite understand it and there are the words 笔 written all over it in different handwriting…


It started to drizzle slightly, but lucky for us, it went nothing further than that. Ate some shady hotpot where they also offered ingredients like brain and other weird insides… It wasn’t amazing and was pricy but we had no other choices around and it was getting late.

night scene

The night scenery of wuzhou was captivating 😀

Let me end off with a picture of some cute watermelons we found there!! hehe


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