soy sauce vats

Bored one afternoon, we decided to venture out to shaoxing for a day trip! Starting with GuZhen, the old town, we began our adventure. This place felt like wuzhen, but was more untouched and local.

There were shops like this lining the roads. I’m not sure what they are but I’m gonna guess geese…? and sausages. They’re famous for sausages and even have an experience centre for sausages there, but the experience center is closed till winter this year, so we missed that.

soy sauce vats

Walking along the river, we smelt soy sauce and accidentally wandered into this place. It is really reallystrong smelling..

Yang Shan

We actually only intended to go to yangshan park because we saw it on tripadvisor and the park ticket was cheap (6rmb), but on our way out, we saw yangshan with so many mountain goats on them! Half scared and half excited we just climbed up and walked around with the goats. The herder was really helpful in helping us around and I’m glad the goats were heading back soon because they are smelly and scary when they just follow you and stare right into you.

We climbed till nightfall, and then made our way back tired but content!!

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