Here’s some of us exploring parts of Sharon!


The first week of GLP was spent at Camp Wonderland at Sharon, south of Boston. The camp is right opposite Lake Massapoag and of course, we took plenty of photos there XD.

Sharon is a suburban area. It has a landscape littered with glorious pine trees and beautiful sceneries. Yee Ting even spotted a fox walking around. The path around the lake is perfect for morning runs. (I found out today that Sharon is often described as the best place to live in the United States in CNN Money. It’s really pretty)

Pretty flowers every whereeeeee. There are so many flowers that their pollen forms a thick yellow layer on parts of the lake.
Photo evidence of my morning run with my roommate!
Sunset happens opposite the lake. Perfect for photos.
Free breakfast at Camp Wonderland! AND THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD. LOOK AT THEM BACON.
Couple shot with mah roomieeeeee.
Found a small stream. So pretty.

This setting made it perfect for our LeaderShape program. LeaderShape was a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our values and what makes us, us. The first few days were particularly interesting. We wrote down the visions we have for ourselves in the form of a newspaper headline article and critique each others’ work. One of us described a future where all ‘boring’ jobs have been automated using robots and everyone can work for passion instead of sustenance. Another wrote of a future where environmental goals could be achieved without monetary worries. It was inspiring to see what each one of us want to see in the world.

Here’s us having some intense discussion.

Our activities were well varied and there was never a boring moment. Our discussions ranged from accepting failures to formulating steps to turn our visions into reality. My favorite aspect of LeaderShape is how open everyone is to new ideas. We could talk about anything under the sun without any worry about judgment. This encouraged healthy discussions and we learned a lot from one another.

Look at Angelia being all reflective.

The end of LeaderShape marks the beginning of our design challenge at MIT. With our new found MIT friends (they are so friendly!), we are super excited to embark on this journey!

See you in the next one.

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