This article first appeared in BTS Issue 3.

By Goh Sing Yee, Graduate (Class of 2019)
Information Systems Technology and Design

Global Exchange Programme (GEXP): The GEXP offers opportunities for students to spend Term 6 taking courses in world-class overseas universities with deep expertise in various fields.


It’s the start of autumn, a season which mesmerises me with its beautiful fall foliage. After my morning lessons, I head to the university library to work on my assignments before meeting my buddy group from the buddy programme organised by Hanyang’s own student community. In this buddy programme, local student participants are paired with exchange students to help them better adapt to life in Seoul.

Beautiful fall foliage outside Hanyang University Library

It’s time to meet my buddy group, so I head towards Ttukseom Han River Park where we’ve arranged for a picnic! We play a few traditional Korean card games like Go-Stop and had gimbap and the popular Korean spicy noodles.

Following the picnic, we head over to Hongdae, where its streets are lined with busking performances every night, to soak up the bustling nightlife.

After watching a few fascinating performances, we end the day with a late dinner of jjimdak, one of my favourite Korean dishes!

Jjimdak (Korean Braised Chicken) at Premium Jjimdak


Rise and shine! As I make my way to the university for class in the freezing weather, I grab a cup of Paik’s Coffee to warm myself up.

Snow-covered pavement at Hanyang University 

Following my lecture, I have an affordable lunch at one of the many cafeterias on campus.

Spicy chicken stew from Hanyang Business School Cafeteria

With the afternoon to spare before my Introductory Korean night class, I head to Myeongdong with my fellow SUTD friends to shop around and feast! Myeongdong, Seoul’s consumer heaven, is loaded with department stores, fashion boutiques, tons of cosmetic stores, and not to mention, its streets are lined with seemingly endless food vendors.

Myeongdong Stylenanda branch

Oreo churros vendor along Myeongdong street

Gyeran-Bbang (Egg Bread) from Myeongdong Street

Soon, it is time to head back to campus for our Korean lesson. Thereafter, we have Korean fried chicken for dinner with our classmates and teacher before calling it a day.

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