Presentation day looms ahead in 5 days. This week was harder than last week. The team needs to catch up greatly on progress in order to make it by D-day and make up for lost time.

This indeed means a lot of work…

Samuel working on his resin lights.

For me, as I continued on with my work, I even continued to oversee my theme’s progress to see whether each subteam was lagging far behind or keeping pace. I gave out instructions and directions as clearly as possible so that everyone was aware of their tasks at hand. We allocated the work according to our strengths, to give each member a fair share of work he or she could contribute in. What impressed me the most was how each member was also willing to step up, take over some of the leadership roles which I have, and tell others how to proceed, when I needed my fair share of breaks. 0500 sleep times proceeded, which by then, the sun had already rose. Indeed, this reminded me of my final week just before 03.007 exhibition.

Late nights up at IDI. The view at 0100 outside IDI.

In the middle of our work, we even had a surprise ‘birthday’ bash for Theme 3′s leader, Russell Goh, which was in fact to crack some fun during this stressful week.

Luckily for us, we have caring professors who were willing to treat us to pizza and drinks, giving us motivation to carry on through the long night. All of us students working in the IDI were truly grateful for the kind gesture the professors had towards us.

Without even realising, we made it all the way till presentation day! All our hardwork, perserverance, have finally paid off as we hit D-day!

All our exhibits on display, our artworks which we did during the first lesson, the resin artworks we did mid-way during our course, our Smart shoes, lighting, air purifier and resin table. Our teaching assistant even made an SUTD engraved logo atop a resin piece for us to bring back to Singapore!

To be honest, looking back our theme’s progress over the many weeks we have been together, I would not have expected our theme to be able to come this far in our exhibition. Looking back before we came to ALP, we all had previously no background in art, but we were all willing to learn, to develop new techniques to better ourselves. Team dynamics wise, I would say we are not the most ideal team anyone would expect. Within the theme, even up to the day before presentation day, we had multiple delays, which caused us to miss the deadlines of certain presentation matters. Nonetheless, the team held strongly and gave their all, ensuring a smooth transition to presentation day, and I would say, I am proud to be in this team!!!

Oh, and did I mention, Smart Beauty is one of the largest groups in ALP too! Just look at the number of Professors, teaching assistants and students we have altogether! Being in Smart Beauty somewhat made me feel like I am part of a larger family. Our professors in charge, just like our parents, helped to oversee each of our progress as well, which helped me tremendously especially during the busy periods. Our teaching assistants were skillful enough to teach and guide us along the way, and at the same time help us if we need a helping hand through the presentation period. That being said, I am grateful for the help and skills provided, nonetheless, for helping our team progress to this stage.

And of course, how can an ALP programme end off without a mega group shot?

Our presentation day ended off with a buffet style dinner at the school’s hotel(yes they have one inside Zijingang campus), a sweet finish to a long 3 month programme.

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“Smart Beauty” is about visions of the future smart world we are heading to. Our life will be significantly changed not only at a technological level but also at an artistic and psychological level. This is the place “design” happens, and that is why we need to integrate. Our project is split into two parts, the first involves creating artistic prototypes, and the second involving creating prototypes that serve a greater function for its users without compromising on the aesthetics......------------------------------------------------------------------- **THE TEAM: Melissa Tan Rui Lin, Spencer Phua Peh Han, Nicholas Chan Zhi Wei, Daniel Ho Jin Hao, Xiao Yuxuan, Samuel Halim, Huang QiuHong, Caleb Ng Jun Wei, Gionnieve Lim Jia Yu, Yeoh Jan Wai, Lucas Chua Boon Hwee **TEACHING ASSISTANTS: 张曹炜, 李璇,刘馨,唐楚齐, 陆南楠, 张帆,Wang PinHao **PROFESSORS: 姚琤,赵艺钧, 陶冶,王冠云, Sunny


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