The Shanghai Skyline

Its week 2 of ALP and our lessons have just started but since we have a long weekend we decided to go on a food tour to Shanghai.

The Shanghai Skyline

The aim of our trip was simply just to eat, so more times than not we were just wondering around the streets of Shanghai looking for our next meal destination.

Our first meal was our dinner near the People’s Park where we had TangBao(XiaoLongBao). and I also had “small wanton” aka a bowl full of small wantons. This was a great start to our trip as the whole meal was not just delicious but cheap as well, only costing me 17 Yuan(S$3.5).

10¥ Tang Bao

The next meal was where we found the gem, the SengJianBao. It was a small shop near the hostel we were staying at but this was the best SengJianBao we had over the course of 3 days we were in Shanghai. The soup in the bao and the juicy meet paired with the crispy skin that is not too thick a perfect combination.

The ShengJian Bao

The second day ended with Tang Bao once again but this time a gigantic one. It was filled with crab meat with tons of soup but not the best Tang Bao.

The Huge TangBao

The next day, we decided to try the Jia Jia Tang Bao one of the popular Tang Bao places in Shanghai. We had to queue for about 30mins just to get seats but the Tang Bao was amazing. The nice and savory Tang Baos definitely made up for the wait.

The trip adviser approved Tang Bao

The trip in Shanghai ended off on a high note with Hotpot where we each got a 3 decker trays worth of ingredients.

The 3 tier hotpot

The whole trip ended with us rushing for trains, we were nearly late for our train back to Hangzhou. When we reached Hangzhou we decided why not take the Metro the last train is only in 10mins. When we were transferring line we heard the announcement that the last train is already departing, leaving all of us to start dashing towards the platform. The chaos was how we have concluded the trip.

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This program contains two main parts: 1. Cognition of architecture and visiting: understanding the development of Chinese city and country, organic renewal of Hangzhou, and latest achievement of contemporary architectural design by investigation in Hangzhou. 2. Understanding the work nature, process and way of architectural design combining with specific design project; meanwhile, practicing design skill preliminarily (including understanding of design tasks, analyzing of design condition and clue, discussing of ideas, estimating of technology until expressing of design). Through practice of these two parts, knowing the relationship between design and society, technology and environment and learning how to make reasonable judgment of specific problems.


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