IT has been nearly 3 months after i got back from China. honestly time passed so quickly and i can still remember the days i spent in china vividly. The scrumptious china delicacy, mesmerizing landscape and the taobao! On a serious note, i found out that ALP exchange has deeply broaden my perspective and prepared me well for my pillar years in SUTD. I am able to apply the software skills that i have learnt in my academic studies.

I was part of the ZJU orientation committee to help the ZJU students who came over to familiarize with the surroundings in Singapore. They are really a very smart bunch of students who are very amicable and easy going. They are as excited as us when we are over in China for exchange. A few of them actually came for my diorama workshop organised by my club; SUTD Gunpla club. HAHA! I hope that i will have the chance to have such opportunities to mingle with overseas students in the future!


Chew Cheng York

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