I thought I left design behind in Singapore after term 2, never thought I would meet my best friend design again, back with two more friends. Everybody, meet mini design in Chinese, design in Chinese and good old design. Wow, thought that design was hard, design in Chinese is a different level all together. Brainstorming in Chinese is so hard, ideas can’t exist if you do not have the words for it, technical terms in Chinese might as well be a different language all together. Feeling so helpless as I am grouped together with year 3 Chinese students in their design project, students with a solid 3 years of technical skills under their belt, while I struggle to understand what they are saying in the first place, let alone help them with their prototyping as they proceed to use techniques I have never seen before. Really want to post a screenshot of the many Wechat groups that sprouted up due to all these design projects, but shall not as it is not just my privacy involved. Here are some not so sensitive screenshots.

Thank the lords for Wechat translate function
Oops, maybe not enough

Stay tuned for more updates in 7 weeks time, if I am still alive…

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Team Members - Chen Jing / Fok Jun Yi / Gede Ria Ghosalya / Heng Xian Jing / Low Yuen Wei Samuel / Vincent Sin Yang Xian / Xing Bo Office forest aims to design a modular plant system to allow employees to take charge and claim ownership of their very own office plant without the hassle and the mess of traditional growing techniques. We will also develop an app that allows control over the system and interaction between employees. Through the growing of their own plants and the increased interaction between employees over the office forest forest platform, a warmer office culture will be created.To design a product or a service that will green up an office in sustainable manner while increasing opportunity for interaction amongst employees.


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