Took a really long break because of the public holiday (端午节) and travelled to many places. This is the final week working with the ZJU peers for their 3.007. The situation resembles the scene back in SUTD totally when there is a project deadline.

Rehearsals to get ready for DIP 2016

Vincent is presenting the ALP themes

We got free supper from Prof Sun, 2 rounds of pizza and wings.  Welfare rated 10/10. On a side note, Pizza Hut in China is better than SG. Now everyone is ready to pull an all-nighter.

Everyone is hard at work. Judging from the mess, cleaning up after the presentation will be a nightmare.

Supper again! We really need to do some mountain climbing to burn all these extra calories off!

Getting ready for the final presentation! Everyone is desperately trying to memorise  their script.


This is the end of the 1.5 month journey with the ZJU peers. I learnt that they are really a bunch of talented and hardworking people. Time really flies! We are already half way through ALP. Now it’s time to start working hard for Office forest!

Chen Jing

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Team Members - Chen Jing / Fok Jun Yi / Gede Ria Ghosalya / Heng Xian Jing / Low Yuen Wei Samuel / Vincent Sin Yang Xian / Xing Bo Office forest aims to design a modular plant system to allow employees to take charge and claim ownership of their very own office plant without the hassle and the mess of traditional growing techniques. We will also develop an app that allows control over the system and interaction between employees. Through the growing of their own plants and the increased interaction between employees over the office forest forest platform, a warmer office culture will be created.To design a product or a service that will green up an office in sustainable manner while increasing opportunity for interaction amongst employees.


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