Hectic was the word to describe our preparation for DIP Presentation. One could say that our hard work and long nights are paid off by the grand presentation on last Saturday. After the shine of the stage and the clap of the people we celebrated, though it was no more than just a glimpse of cheers and celebration. We were burnt and tired – in more ways than one – and we rewarded ourself with a little break.

Entering week 7, as much as we want to lay down and pat ourselves in the back, we knew we have to go on – our journey is not done yet. In fact, it is an opportunity for us to shift back our focus to the main goal of Theme A – the Office Forest project. In view of the time we have left to the presentation, we now have new role assignment taking into consideration “marketing” side – for lack of better word. Now everyone is ready to jump into their field and work with each other. We updated the TA about our current progress and once we get the approval, we strike back to work.

Working on the software side, the development of our App has not been smooth – yet it is satisfactory, for new features are added and functioning with each day we spend at the IDI. Local server is up and running, and we had established a connection method for both the App and the smart plant unit to communicate with the database. This is great progress because it is the fundamental feature of the App to communicate with the plants. There are two major works left on the software side: adding social platform function to the app, as well as incorporating the GUI to make it look more pleasing to the eye.

A glimpse of Xcode – IDE for our iOS Software Development

On the hardware side, Arduino functions are constantly being improved and upgraded to our needs – not an easy task as we have more than just growth lights and water detector. Some of our plants also are moved to a new pot with a unique hydroponics technique that we are experimenting. Hope that the plants will survive, because if they don’t, neither will we.

One of the plant uses the new technique – which one is it?

And that is the gist of ALP week 7 for Office Forest. It is the week we rose from the ashes of DIP Projects, and begin to breathe life into our own project. Technically on the ALP Site it says July is THE Project Month, and July is coming real soon. Although we have been working for the whole duration of the exchange, we expect even more sleepless night up ahead. And we will be ready.


(lol jk who in the world is ready for sleepless nights anyway..)

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Team Members - Chen Jing / Fok Jun Yi / Gede Ria Ghosalya / Heng Xian Jing / Low Yuen Wei Samuel / Vincent Sin Yang Xian / Xing Bo Office forest aims to design a modular plant system to allow employees to take charge and claim ownership of their very own office plant without the hassle and the mess of traditional growing techniques. We will also develop an app that allows control over the system and interaction between employees. Through the growing of their own plants and the increased interaction between employees over the office forest forest platform, a warmer office culture will be created.To design a product or a service that will green up an office in sustainable manner while increasing opportunity for interaction amongst employees.


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