This two weeks, our group members set off to visit the town that is famous for their ceramic art. It’s a 5 days 4 nights trip where we will be doing a lot of hands-on tasks and museum visits.

This view of 得雨楼 where we will be staying for the next few days. It is a really nice place where we have seen many couples coming over for wedding photo shots.

The girls got a big room with a nice view. No wonder, it’s a ceramic town, they have a table filled with ceramic making tool right in front of the window!

After lunch, we made a visit to a ceramic museum where they keep a lot of ceramic art dating a few thousand years back. It feels like a walk through time because for every level we walk up, the years become more recent, and the highest level contains modern works.

We were blessed with great weather on the first day where we manage to capture stars on the roof of 得雨楼.

Day 2:

A few hours later, we woke up for sunrise which was breathtaking.

Started playing with ceramic. It is not as easy as it seems.

We were blessed with beautiful sunset and rainbow

Here’s the  sunset view  behind the room where were make ceramic using the 拉肧(wheel throwing) machine.

Day 3: Plate painting

The teacher made painting on the plates look effortless but when we tried it ourselves, we couldn’t even draw straight lines properly!

The unbaked ceramics are also very fragile, many of us broke them while painting. Here’s the product of our group members. Quite bad compared to other ZJU students who went there with us.



Day 3: Our visit to 古窑, area that has many furnace to bake the ceramics.

We saw many skilled craftsmen who are in charge of different stages of ceramic making. It looks effortless while they were doing it, but we know that it takes years of training and hardwork to master their art.

It was a beautiful place with many ancient buildings and artworks.

Day 4: Vase painting

We also went for a small adventure to find the train railway where we hear the train passing by everyday.

It was a memorable 4+ days where we learnt and tried a lot of new things. It was a good escape from the urban landscape of Hangzhou and tried to be an artist for a few days. Now, let’s get back to work and prepare for our product launch event!

– Chen Jing

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Team Members - Chen Jing / Fok Jun Yi / Gede Ria Ghosalya / Heng Xian Jing / Low Yuen Wei Samuel / Vincent Sin Yang Xian / Xing Bo Office forest aims to design a modular plant system to allow employees to take charge and claim ownership of their very own office plant without the hassle and the mess of traditional growing techniques. We will also develop an app that allows control over the system and interaction between employees. Through the growing of their own plants and the increased interaction between employees over the office forest forest platform, a warmer office culture will be created.To design a product or a service that will green up an office in sustainable manner while increasing opportunity for interaction amongst employees.


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