I understand that we are supposed to blog about the things we are doing in our themes, but I joined the theme late and as such, did not have anything to do in Week 3 for my theme in ALP. So I shall just write about my expedition up the mountain behind the Yuquan campus with my party of 9.

Don’t trip, don’t fall
There is no railing, there ain’t no wall.

In a flurry I rushed out the door of the hostel and tapped my foot as I waited in the lift to reach the ground floor. As my friends assembled one by one, we took turns making sure each had enough water and supplies (snacks). The sun was already preparing to set when we started our hike up. The first 700 steps or so had us complaining why the trek was so long. But after we reached the first peak, the whining stopped thanks to the gentler slope.

Ol’ Mountain Road, take me home
To the place, I belong~

The following hours were spent carefully treading on a rocky route, singing random tunes and stopping every now and then to take pictures of the scenery of Hangzhou from atop its mountain range.

By the time dusk had settled, we were frantically rushing to Bei Gao Feng (the destination of our expedition) while trying not to twist our ankles and fall off the mountain. At Bei Gao Feng, there was a temple which was already closed, and a cable car that had stopped operating. We spent a good hour or so taking pictures of the night scene skyline, before slowly making our way down the stairs of the mountain.

When we had reached the base, our grumbling stomachs were like those of trolls who hadn’t eaten for a year. It was a sign we needed dinner. So dinner did we find. But for the sake of the reader who will likely get hungry from seeing pictures of the food we ate, I shall not post any photos of our sumptuous meal.

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