Week 5 has been a week of respite from the previous weeks of lessons and projects. We managed to take a break during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. A few of us went on a photo journey to capture the moments in the neighbouring cities. We wanted to apply what we learnt in the Design Fiction Module from Zhe Jiang University International Design Institute. It was an experiential learning programme and  a good learning point for us to apply some fundamental photography techniques. Learning the art of curves and composition was a critical aspect in taking good photos. If you have any comments about the photos, feel free to do so. Photography is subjective and it’s through the sharing we get to see multiple perspectives of a picture’s beauty.

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Team members: Aastha Chouhan / Anuradha Chopra / Barry Tee Wei Cong / Judith Lim Li Juan / Luke Weixiang, Raymond / Ong Xiao Qi / Tenzin Chan Han Wei / Tomy Arden Phang We design a robotic mannequin that morphs into your body size, so that you can try on your clothes remotely. This will help in reducing garment return rate in online shopping, and also help in assisting personal tailors to provide customers with the best fitting garment.


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