On a rainy Saturday, we made our way to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Museum with our prof and TAs for some bonding! And of course, knowing more about the history of China.

Gotta take a picture at the gate of the museum

The Grand Canal was built for more efficient trading when they realised it was a much faster way of transporting goods than on land, which was very time consuming for a small volume. So taa-daa!! The then rulers decided to diggah tunnah, dig diggah tunnah. The canal starts at Beijing, running through Tianjin and various provinces to the city of Hangzhou, linking Yellow River and Yangtze River.

Flow of the Canal put on the map to see how looooong it is during Yuan dynasty.
Part of the Jiangnan Canal, which is part of the Grand Canal. Linking to cities like Suzhou and Changzhou, you can always just yolo and jump aboard one of the ships for a free ride and go wherever it brings you to!
There, it’s coming!!

Walked around the area after the visit at the museum before it was time for dinner yummm.

Manpoo… Man-poo?

And it’s time for dinner!!!! No pictures because everyone was busy attacking the food when the dishes came. Played werewolves during dinner and it was a great time bonding with the team, prof and TAs 🙂

Slightly blur selfie, not sure if it’s the skill or the taobao-ed selfie stick hm

Okay that’s all folks!

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