2 months has passed. So much has happened in ALP Theme D – Fitting Robot. We have been working on creating a morphing mannequin that can take customer’s body measurements and change its shape and size to replicate the customer’s body shape. With that, we can allow the mannequin to try on the clothes that customers favourite and take pictures of it to show customers of their online purchase before customers commit to it. This also help increase customer’s satisfaction and minimise high garment return rate.

We are allocated to three different sub-teams, namely Structure, Control and Interface. In Structure, we are dealing with the mechanical structure of the plates and the movement of the mannequin plates via use of motors and gears. As for Control, they are handling the implementation of electrical systems coupled with Arduino boards to program the mechanical structure implemented. Lastly, Interface will build the graphic user interface for customers to key in their body measurements before that information is relayed to the Arduino controlling the mannequin mechanical system.

In our project, we managed to learn a CAD software called Rhino via a third module that was allocated by our theme project professors.

We also deal with Solidworks CADing for the internal mechanical structure of the leg. As you can see, there are many mechanical parts to assemble. And we have to deal with the parts in the waist, hip, 2 thighs and 2 calf.

As for Control and Interface, they are connecting a UI to the Arduino which will move the internal mechanical structure.

All in all, if you love to create a robot, feel free to ask us or maybe take up a related project. Till then, we will be busy working on the robot. Stay tuned for more updates.

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