After 2 weeks of intensive market research on the different types of photo-therapy products currently in the market, it is finally time for us to present our findings to the company supporting us in this project – 杭州浙大三色仪器有限公司Zhejiang University SENSING Instruments CO LTD.

SENSING Instruments is founded by professors from Zhejiang University, specializing in research and development of LEDs lightings. It is currently one of the most advanced in LEDs technology in the country, meeting many international standards.

We were first given a tour of the R&D laboratory of the company and we come across many of the professional equipment used in the lighting design industry.

This is a Spectroradiometer that are used to measure the spectral power distribution of the lighting source. It measures the spectral irradiance and spectral radiance and through complex mathematical calculation by the software, it is able to tell us the source color, chromaticity, spectral power, illuminance and luminance.

Light source inside the Spectroradiometer

This is a Goniophotometer used to measure light distribution and luminous flux of lamps and luminaires for general lighting applications. It is an important test because LED light source are mostly directed light sources where the spatial distribution of light is not homogeneous. The data obtained from the test can then be entered into software like DIALux, where lighting designer will be able to model how a room will look like under different lighting conditions.

After the tour, we proceed to present what we had researched about seasonal affective disorder and our proposed initial design. The next step will be to decide on 1 design and work on it.

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Team members: Chia Rui Qi, Cherie / Chong Hui Wen, Vanessa / Kwon Inhyuk / Lee Wen Yang, Bryan / Lin Junjie, James Hoping to make a difference, our group take on the task of designing a medical device that will aid in treating patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is totally new to us and something that we do not experience as we have summer all year round. However, we are confident that with enough research, prototyping and testing, we will be able to come up with a solution that is effective, low cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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