Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
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On 18th June 2016, there’s this Product Launching Event – DIP 2016 “The Future We Design”, it’s a event whereby some ZJU and SUTD students doing a design course exhibit their product meant for future lifestyle. Six products in total.

1. Interactive musical-stairs-like product for fun times at the bus stop while waiting
2. Product to document a child’s childhood and growth
3. Product for loved ones long distance apart to interact and reach out to one another
4. Product for increasing indoor air quality, using indoor planting with system for automatic irrigation, tracking room air quality, and also with natural sound to simulate natural environment
5. Product for adjusting emotion through ambient lighting and aroma
6. Smart door that can indicate user’s status as stipulated by the user to outsiders outside the door

Apologies if I may not be able to very accurately describe the products, or if I miss out anything, or if I misrepresented somehow.


We had our major meeting with our supporting company 杭州浙大三色仪器有限公司Zhejiang University SENSING Instruments CO LTD. to showcase the design of the light therapy products we made. We designed several products.

SAD Lamp with Aromatherapy(aroma oil)
SAD Lamp with Aromatherapy(candle)

These 2 devices provide aromatherapy and maybe music therapy apart from light therapy, we were also intending for the light to be able to change colour, functioning as mood lighting.

SAD Glasses

This is an eye-wear type light therapy device, it allow people to go about their daily lives as they carry out treatment. Light enters the eyes from an upward angle.

Modular SAD Lamp(circular)
Modular SAD Lamp(triangle)

Modular SAD Lamp(triangle)

These 2 devices are focused on being modular and can be mixed and matched according to user preference.

SAD Desk Lamp

This device provides similar functions to the one above shown first, with the addition of a humidifier. The top part of the lamp can also be detached from the main body for its height to be adjusted and the light to be directed at the user, so as to suit the user’s light needs from any position.

SAD headband

Similar to the eye-wear type device shown earlier, this is a headband to be worn around the forehead area.

Company advised us to focus on just a few features, as we are trying to do too much features and all of which will easily end up inadequate. Company also advised us and have a clear target group. So…we are off to further design the product.


Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
Theme E

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Team members: Chia Rui Qi, Cherie / Chong Hui Wen, Vanessa / Kwon Inhyuk / Lee Wen Yang, Bryan / Lin Junjie, James Hoping to make a difference, our group take on the task of designing a medical device that will aid in treating patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is totally new to us and something that we do not experience as we have summer all year round. However, we are confident that with enough research, prototyping and testing, we will be able to come up with a solution that is effective, low cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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