Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
Theme E

For our theme’s cultural experience, we went to 宁海县黄坛镇 to see and experience what is it like in a village in China. There were many differences in the way of life of people living in village as compared to people living in the city. The most noticeable differences are the hectic lifestyle of city people as compared to the more laid backed lifestyle of village people.

We were brought to the factory of Deli Stationery and had the chance to take a look at the many products the company had produced. The company started with making office supply and over the years, have ventured into other products. The company strives to come up with a new and innovative design every day.

After lunch, we were given a tour around the village.

We also have the opportunity to pick berries from the local farm.

One of the many basket of berries.

Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
Theme E

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Team members: Chia Rui Qi, Cherie / Chong Hui Wen, Vanessa / Kwon Inhyuk / Lee Wen Yang, Bryan / Lin Junjie, James Hoping to make a difference, our group take on the task of designing a medical device that will aid in treating patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is totally new to us and something that we do not experience as we have summer all year round. However, we are confident that with enough research, prototyping and testing, we will be able to come up with a solution that is effective, low cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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