Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
Theme E

For our 2nd theme’s cultural experience, we went to 恋泥坊 Love China to experience ceramics making. The location is near ZJG campus at just around the Houjie area.

Something along the line of what we can try to make

First, Shifu greeted us with some watermelons, gigantic and nice and all. Then he proceeded to share history about China. While talking, he mentioned Ghost (1990 film) which I am disappointed that nobody get the reference, maybe most people reading this does not get the reference either.

Typically, potters had to dig their own clay from locally available sources as there were no other options. Fortunately for us, the clay was already prepared for us in our case. In fact, the clay we use is high quality clay according to Shifu, he said that they can even be used for skin care purposes.

Shifu taught us to do wedging. Wedging is the process of mixing the clay by hand by rotating and pressing a clay ball on a table. The purpose is to thoroughly homogenise the clay and to remove all air bubbles. This is particularly important, as the presence of air bubbles in the clay will result in explosions in the kiln as the air pockets expand and burst.


Then we learned Wheel Throwing. To get symmetrical and balanced designs, nothing beats the potter’s wheel. We also designed our pottery on the wheel. Then the pottery is put to dry.

Wheel Throwing

Some of our products at the end of 1st day. This is mine (James).

We did the trimming, cleaning, and decorating of our product a few days later after it had dried, then Shifu will glaze and fire it for us. It will be ready for collection in about 1-2 weeks time.


As for our theme’s progress, we had a meeting with Company to finalise our design,

Mirror on one side and therapy light on the other

This is the design chosen, though there are still some changes to be made. Rather than doing one side mirror and one side therapy light like in the picture, we are going to be doing one side mirror with therapy light on the side, and one side normal lighting.


Recover from SAD 摆脱冬季抑郁
Theme E

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Team members: Chia Rui Qi, Cherie / Chong Hui Wen, Vanessa / Kwon Inhyuk / Lee Wen Yang, Bryan / Lin Junjie, James Hoping to make a difference, our group take on the task of designing a medical device that will aid in treating patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is totally new to us and something that we do not experience as we have summer all year round. However, we are confident that with enough research, prototyping and testing, we will be able to come up with a solution that is effective, low cost and aesthetically pleasing.


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