Autocad crash course!
Reference picture for Autocad exercise

We started this week by trying Autocad with the guide of our TAs. Our challenging assignment after the crash course was to draw the plane view with Autocad based on the picture above. Thanks to our TAs’ patient explanation and demonstration, the task seemed not so impossible. This painstaking process of replicating each element is actually essential to the modelling later on  so the skills of Autocad will help us in the design process of the final project.

One of our very well done homework

Another exciting thing this week was that we started on our final project of design for biological tea garden. It is the first time for everyone to customize our design based on an existing piece of land.

Our initial ideas drawn on the landscape picture taken by satellite
Ongoing discussion

Our Xihu trip got cancelled due to bad weather but the joy of exchanging ideas with these awesome people was fulfilling enough to make it up!

By Zhiqing

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