Class: The TAs taught us how to transform our AutoCAD plan drawing into a more realistic one using Photoshop and how to use Lumion to create videos and 360 panoramas using our Sketchup models. I was very amazed with Lumion as it is a very simple drag-and-drop programme, but can create super realistic 3D, animated scenes. It is like playing The Sims, and you have unlimited amount of money to decorate your surroundings!

Sample scenery created with Lumion

After class, we met up with our TAs to go through our ideas for our main projects. Our TAs are very experienced in Landscape Architecture and shared lots of valuable insights. Our homework was to draw out a detailed plan view and also find some Sketchup models online and import them into the terrain.

Our TAs 🙂

Homework: This week’s homework was to use what we’ve learnt in class and apply to last week’s Cad file. It may look simple to fill in the spaces with the respective colours, but there is definitely more to it. Firstly, we had to save the individual layers of the Cad into different layers of plots. After that, we then load it into Photoshop and align the layers. Next, we move on to the Paint Bucket tool, where we can fill up spaces with patterns. These patterns have to be seamless tiles so that we will not see the obvious grids when completed. It is essential to add some inner shadow, drop shadow, colour overlay and bevel to the patterns to create a more realistic texture and colour of the patterns. It took me hours to experiment with the different functions, but I learnt a lot and this would be very useful in ASD the next term.

Reference picture for Autocad excercise
My AutoCad line drawing
My completed colour plan view

Conclusion: We’re at our midway point, and we’ll work hard for our main project ^^

– Jia Ying

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