This week our Prof finally came back from overseas! For the past 2 weeks or so the only theme-related activity we did was attend a Chinese Art History class. While the Chinese Art History class is interesting, it is also seemingly difficult to keep up with. Lessons are conducted in Chinese and the Prof speaks really quickly. We lose track of what she as going on about very easily. Nonetheless, from the parts of the lesson that I caught, I felt like the lesson was actually interesting. Only if it had more relevance to us so we could understand and appreciate the art better!

This week, we are finally onto some actual discussion regarding pottery! Initially, we were given the choice between 3 main directions “Materials and Texture”, “Innovative Product Design” and “Artistic Appeal(?)”. Most of us had chosen to go in the direction of “Materials and Texture”. As a result, our first assignment from our mentor was to research on ceramic designs, product and possible textures that can work with its material. After researching, we are given the rest of the week to come up with at least 5 sketches of our own unique ideas!

Researching about ceramics & textures really increased my interest for ceramics and my enthusiasm in the project I am to embark on in a couple of weeks! There are really interesting items out there in the market right now, here are some which I liked best:

This is also the week where we are finally showcasing our light designs! As an update, we were previously tasked to design lights of any kind (table lamp, hanging lights, wall lights) of a certain purpose and meaning. The challenge was that we had to work with the Chinese Art Paper and specific lightbulbs provided by ZJU IDI. We had to experiment with the paper and figure out its characteristics and thereby try to make use of its properties to come up with a beautiful yet purposeful light. Different lightbulbs also meant different sizes, different colored lights, different ambience and so on. These were all considerations we had to have in mind for our design! And we finally got to catch a glimpse of everyone’s design!

On a personal note, I went down to YuQuan campus with my friends after a (long) relaxing walk through the nine creeks forest!

Regardless of how hot the summer is, it is always so chilly in a forest! Love it. We had lots of fun (and fear) skipping through the rocks past every creek from #1 to #9. It was a totally impromptu decision to talk a walk through the Nine Creeks forest so we were much more unprepared (dressed in sport shoes) compared to the locals who mostly wore slippers/sandals or waterproof shoes.

And finally, I tried the highly-famed Soup Bao (Xiao Long Bao – alike Tang Bao) behind the YuQuan campus and it was amazing! While some of my friends disagree, it was honestly the best Xiao Long Bao I’ve ever had in my life. (well, the only other better comparison I have is DinTaiFeng) But Yes! The Xiao Long Bao was great, I absolutely loved it.

I already know i’m going to miss it once ALP ends.

Regards, Hilda from Theme I

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Team members: Hilda Thian Qing Wei / Ho Cheng Da, Justin / Leong Jia Cheng / Oh Xi Yu / Paul Timothy Tan Bee Xian / Rebekah Low Hui Yin Wong Kay Jan China of China is a project that combines traditional craft with modern design, which aims at exploring the variety of ceramic modeling and materials. Students will be learn the basics of cermaic making and designing through interactions with local craftsmen and conduct a 1-week design practice in JingDeZhen. Theme research has been chosen to be focused on the study of Materials and Patterning Techniques. Students will also be given a short introduction to a History of Chinese Art.


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