The word “Busy” is on everyone’s mind right now as we have one more week till the ALP Product launch in ZJU. While everyone is rushing to make their product, our theme is busy typing away on our keyboards, coding for our webapps. My group, Rain ‘n’ Roses, made multiple revisions to our webapp during this week in order to include more functions and provide users with a better experience.

Heres some pictures of our progress:

Even though we had a lot of work on our plates, we still managed to find ways to de-stress and get our minds off work. I was able to join the Office Forest gang as they went for a visit to Alibaba in their Xixi campus, which was about 20 mins from 紫金港.

The campus was really huge! It’s comparable to the whole of Changi Business Park. The employees here however dress in more comfortable attires than those in business districts in Singapore. Its common to see men in tshirts and shorts rather than long sleeved shirts and long pants. The working environment here is very conducive, which makes me contemplate about working in such a company in future.


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Team members: Aditya Raju / Basil Yap Ji Tsing / Debbie Lim Li Lin / Kan Yan Zhe / Lee Jing Rui, Marvin / Lee Quan Feng / Ong Wen Jun, Dominic / Sim Yan Jie / Tan Kwan Fu / Vanessa Tan Yun Han In this project of Visualization of Data, the team will receive environment data from China's department of Statistics to perform data analysis and to generate graphical representation of the data. In order to deliver the desired work, mathematical skills (statistics and data analysis) and graphics designing skills (photoshop and Illustrator) are crucial in presenting the environmental data in the simplest and most accurate manner. Programming skills such as Python, Javascript and C+ are part of the required skills of the project as the data has to be represented in an application.


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