Hey, Jordan here and i’m an ESD sophomore.

Weather has been pretty great this week; clouds over our heads and chilly wind. Hangzhou is so lovely! Did you know Hangzhou used to be the capital of China, back in the Southern Song Dynasty in the 10th Century?

Design Thinking and Expression:

Went through lessons in Photoshop and Illustrator. After learning some basic skills and techniques, we were given an assignment of creating a poster to introduce ourselves. Also, we had to design a poster for our cardboard chairs.

Visualization of Data:

In the month of May, we will be taught the basics of visualization 可视化. For this week’s lessons, we were introduced to the basic concepts of visualization and different ways/methods of representing data. Did you know our short term memory can only take about 3-5 pieces of information? We were also shown many various projects that the Visual Analytics Group in ZJU has done before. It gave us an idea of what we need to learn and what we are about to learn.

We realized that data itself, although valuable, needs to represented in the correct lighting and fashion in order to give meaning to the user.

Travels and Food:

Go to meal in the Yuquan canteen when you feeling broke

Dinner at 新白鹿, ordered close to 30 dishes that day. Cost us about 40 yuan per pax. #livinglikekings

Climbed up the mountain range at the backyard of Yuquan to Bei Gao Feng 北高峰.

At the top of General Hill 将军山.

‘Disco temple’

Beef Hotpot for Theme Dinner! Something we look forward to every friday. To others themes: Don’t jealous

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Team members: Aditya Raju / Basil Yap Ji Tsing / Debbie Lim Li Lin / Kan Yan Zhe / Lee Jing Rui, Marvin / Lee Quan Feng / Ong Wen Jun, Dominic / Sim Yan Jie / Tan Kwan Fu / Vanessa Tan Yun Han In this project of Visualization of Data, the team will receive environment data from China's department of Statistics to perform data analysis and to generate graphical representation of the data. In order to deliver the desired work, mathematical skills (statistics and data analysis) and graphics designing skills (photoshop and Illustrator) are crucial in presenting the environmental data in the simplest and most accurate manner. Programming skills such as Python, Javascript and C+ are part of the required skills of the project as the data has to be represented in an application.


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