Hi guys LTF here.

WE HAVE A SPECIAL BLOGGER THIS WEEK! His name is Kevin,and he will be sharing his experience on his trip to Suzhou from a few weeks back. Thanks Kevin for taking the time to contribute to the blog!

This week, our theme rushed to complete the headset and our APP before the product launch next week. Pictures below.

Have fun.


1) SUZHOU by Kevpai


Greetings from Hangzhou! I’m Kevin and I’ll be sharing my trip to Suzhou (苏州) which is near Hangzhou and Shanghai. One can get there by bullet train for about 130 yuan (roughly 26 SGD). The bullet train takes 1 hour 40 minutes from Hangzhou to Suzhou so it’ll be a nice snooze on the way there. The train stations are huge, much like the size of our airport terminals.

Of course, on arrival, we would refer to the map. The young man in the picture looks exactly like me. One of the ushers there tried to speak English to us as she overheard us talking in English and advised us to go to one of the more popular tourist spots on the green line.

It was a lovely place. It reminded me of Bedok Interchange with all the food stores lined up by the side and I recognized several international brands along the streets. Unfortunately, one of the main streets was blocked out by metal sheets due to the construction of a new metro line.

We had to share the narrow street with the vehicles. The sun was high up in the sky and we had to find our accommodation without the help of Google maps (okay I can still cheat…).

After what seemed like an eternity of walking along the road in the sun, we found the place!

It seems that trespassers are not welcome in Suzhou.

Alright so while we were checking in, I noticed something about the lobby…

Okay, since I was here on a somewhat budget trip, I didn’t intend to pay too much while sightseeing. However, it turned out that almost everything that was of note had an entrance fee and some were really pricey.

Anyway, we went into one of these random art museums along the road and took some pictures.

Why hello there, pretty lady.

Rustic view from my level two room.

I love those curves

If you look really closely, you can see a family at the lower cliff. How long do these artists take to paint!?

Just love the style of this.

There were many more artworks that I didn’t capture on camera. The ones I shared were the ones I liked for the colour and style.

To sum up my simple trip here, I would say don’t come here unless you’re ready to pay and definitely, definitely get a tour guide or someone who knows the area to bring you around. It’s not worth coming unless you know where to go and it’s not as tourist friendly as Hangzhou. Still, I got to see my share of it so it wasn’t that bad!



2) HELL Week and 3) WAI MAI

ACCOMPANYING MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBuVQI2FXAo

#A E S T H E T I C S

Monday. Work.

Wai Mai.

望湘园. Nice.

Tuesday. Work.

Wai Mai. 口水鸡.

Back to work.

Wednesday. Work.

Wanted to Wai Mai 黑龙堂 but they stopped taking orders on 饿了么. Had to manually go to the store to get daily caffeine intake… But at least I got to see the fairy dust that miracles are made of…

Once you go BLACK, you cannot go BACK. #黑龙堂 #Quiplash #15F03

Thursday. Work.

Work in the lab.

Work in the room.

(Wei Jun actually got scolded by the cleaning lady because of the mess he made in the balcony)


Virgin overnight HZ sunrise. Good morning.

Friday. Work.

Toilet break. But you cannot escape work.

Saturday. Work.

Finally got the EEG data to be uploaded to server via WIFI then displayed as a table on the APP. YAAAS. Average attention is off though.

IT WORKS! YAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Headset was pulsing purple because the signal was poor as electrodes were faulty. But sick colour transitions. #Neopixels

Completed product pictures next week!

Ok. Back to work. See you next week!

LTF signing off.

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