G20 is coming up in Hangzhou so everyone needs to undergo security checks before entering the metro. Wow.

Hi hi, LTF here for the final entry of ALP!

With most of the theme deliverables completed, it’s time to relax and unwind for the last week of ALP before returning to Singapore!

Sidney went camping in the Anji 安吉 region with his friends. Kevin and I went to Xiamen with our class peeps. Si Yan and Wei Jun went to Shanghai. J^3 went to Nanjing. And Renjie… well… he did not want to relive his army outfield days so he couched the week while his class went to 黄山 and had a glimpse of Nirvana. Sidney, Wei Jun and Si Yan shared some pictures with me so I would be covering their trips and mine as well!

I also revisited 湘湖 which we went on week 4  with my class peeps. Go read week 4 entry if you haven’t! And the other entries too! Especially those with videos (week 6 and 9)! Hell, why not just read all 13 entries??

Shameless advertising aside, let’s go…

1) XIANGHU: 西湖 without the Tourists

Sea of lilies in the lake. Wonderful.
When we came 9 weeks back, there was this hill with a pavilion that we did not manage to climb because we arrived too late to conquer it. It’s time…
Pano from the pavilion. Awesome.

PROTIP: You can click on the images and they will be displayed at their original quality.

Pano from the middle of the lake. Nice.
Another pano of the lake. I was on a pano frenzy.
Since I am uploading so many panos, might as well share this one. This one was taken near the 杭帮菜博物馆 where there is a vegetable plantation in the shape of a bagua (八卦). And no, it is not the Bee Cheng Hiang variety.
Travelling with friends. One of the things I will miss when I return to Singapore…

2) TRAVELLING: All over China!

Si Yan and Wei Jun: Shanghai and 永安山

Si Yan paragliding at 永安山. Cool stuff.
Wei Jun paraglided too. Not sure how the parachute could sustain his weight though…
Apparently the paragliding trip was quite expensive. Heard it was over 600 yuan with the GoPro. Pricey…
Disneyland. Where dreams are made of. And also where a substantial amount of the China population is currently located. 人上人海 indeed.
Oh man this is awesome. Brings me back to 2011 when Tron Legacy came out.

My favourite Tron Legacy movie scene:


“Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you would be so kind.” -Castor

Marvin and Wei Jun giving Spidey a shoulder massage.
Fun fact: Both guys in the photo are of the same weight.
Well, one theme park was not enough for Wei Jun and gang so they went to Happy Valley the next day.

Sidney: Camping and Exploring 安吉


Sunset from 江南天池. Nice.
Sick views.
Pigeons in 百草园.
Even when on vacation, Sidney is vigilant looking for ENGRISH. Respect.

Kevin and LTF: Xiamen

Xiamen train station. Sweet. Not the only thing that is sweet in the picture though. Heheh.
Our Airbnb place. Not too shabby.
Gulangyu Island. A 20 minute boat ride from the port.
Streets of Gulangyu Island.
Too… many… people…
A beach? In China? Incredible!
Night market at 中山路步行街. Not as ridiculous as Muslim Street in Xi’an though…
Grilled squid. 5 sticks for 10 yuan. The bald guy knows it’s a good deal.
Xiamen University. A sacred institute of learning. Except in summer. It’s just a tourist attraction in summer.
For some reason, there is a tunnel called Furong tunnel in the university. The walls are decorated by the students. Cool stuff.
We decided to leave a mark on the walls of Furong tunnel for future ALP batches to find. Good luck finding it juniors.

3) FOOD: Food Montage

Breakfast at Xiamen. Porridge, You Tiao, Soy Bean. Probably the best breakfast I had in China. Delicious.
Celebratory KBBQ dinner at In Time City after product launch presentation. Clara is salivating at all that meat. Heheh.
Prof Xu treated us to a 17 course meal at the 杭帮菜博物馆. Fish head the size of a human head was MVP.
Hong Mo Restaurant at YQ Houjie. Another treat by Prof Xu. Lamb Kebabs were MVP. Thanks Prof Xu for the meals!
Some massive mango dessert in Xiamen. Top – Shaved mango ice with fresh mango chunks. Middle – Whipped cream. Bottom – Fresh mango juice. They gave me 2 straws because normally you tag team with your friend to demolish it. But I decimated it all by my self. Beast.
Sea salt and yam ice cream. Everyone took a bite and said “it wasn’t bad” … but in the end Michael took one for the team and finished it all. Thanks Mike.

And that’s it folks! Time to return to Singapore! But there is still packing to do…

At least it is not as bad as moving out of SUTD hostel. That was a NIGHTMARE:
But besides that, all courses completed, exams taken, headsets fabricated, presentations delivered, deliverables submitted, blog entries published… I would just like to say:
Paradise now.

ALP has been a blast, 3 months filled with both work and fun.

For the last time, LTF signing off.

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