Hi hi, LTF here for week 2′s post. All our team members have finally arrived! Time to get to work.

Besides our Theme project, we had Design Thinking and Expression Lessons where we learnt design skills. For the first 3 weeks, we were required to design and produce a chair made of cardboard and also a poster to accompany it.

Enjoy the full sequence.

1) DESIGN: Improving our Design Skills

Masterpiece cardboard chair. Highlighting the duality of cardboard. Hard and soft.

Adobe Illustrator level up. (Check out the Creatnprocess youtube channel to learn how to make these cool designs)

Adobe Illustrator level level up. I am proud. (Edit: 陈老师 just commented over the poster. The prognosis was not good :(( . Stayed tuned for new poster design)

2) Brainzz: Visit from President and Provost /Trip to Kether

President and Provost visiting us on our first EEG hands on session. Unfortunately, Si-Yan and Wei Jun were still settling their bank accounts so they could not join us.

The human touch. Renjie took one for the team to wear the wet electrode headset which meant that he had a lot of saline gel all over his head.

Second EEG hands on session. Dry EEGs do not need any hair gel to be applied for operation. Lucky Si-Yan. She had problems wearing the headset though due to the long hair.

Trip to Kether, a startup that originated from Zhejiang University that focuses on the development of products at utilises EEG technology.

Wei Jun testing out the EEG toy car set. The more concentrated he is, the faster his car on the track. Awesome stuff. Even more awesome facial expression.

3) FOOD: Food Montage

Mango Icy Goodness.

Macha McFlurry yes. Paper cup container no.

Macha Tiramisu. Macha all day all night.

潮牛海记 Beef Hotpot Restaurant. First hotpot and meal with theme members. And of course, the cameras always get to eat first…

Stacks and stacks of beef for days…

Firers load and ready. Own time own target, carry on…

Complete annihilation. Unlimited broth refill was MVP.

Don’t worry. We will visit again soon…

On a side note…

Taobao-ed a basketball ( my first Taobao!!!). Time to ‘ball (If it can stop RAINING :(( ).

That’s all for week 2.

LTF signing off.

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Team members: Ang Wei Jun / Jway Jin Jun / Kevin Tan Kang Rui / Lam Teng Foong / Suen Hung Ying, Sidney / Tay Renjie / Teo Si-yan When humans think and feel, small electric signals zip from neuron to neuron. These signals can be detected in specific regions of the brain through a technique known as electroencephalograph (EEG). Group M, a mixture of aspiring EPD and ISTD students, aims to come up with a product that leverages on EEG technology. The desired outcome is a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) , in which a person can control the output of the device (such as an eletrical wheel chair) through mental thought alone. Stay tuned to our our blog as we share our latest developments as well as other exciting things we will be doing during ALP!


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