Hi, LTF here for this week’s blog entry!

We had our paper lamp exhibition this week to mark the end of the Design Thinking and Expression lessons.

As for theme stuff, we are working on it but not much to report about, probably will cover more next week.

However, there was a two day public holiday (Thursday and Friday) due to the Dragon Boat Festival so Aditya and I went on a two day trip to Shanghai.

1) LAMPS: Paper Lamp Exhibition

Each of us needed to make 2 prototypes each before producing the final lamp. This was the lamp I was banking on to be chosen. So pretty…

Instead, 陈老师 told me to work on this one I assembled using disposable chopsticks… 陈老师 said “比较有挑战性” (More challenging). 啊啊啊…

The internal frame of the chopstick prototype. This was what 陈老师 was interested in. It had interesting form.

Ok… Let’s get to work on the final lamp… First interlock two chopsticks…

Then interlock two units of those interlocked chopsticks to make an L shape… Make 7 of those.

Interlock the L shapes that each contain an interlocking of two units of interlocked chopsticks to make the cuboid structure as per prototype… Wait… If I rearrange it in a helical pattern… Hey I think I am on to something here…

“Boom! Nobel Prize!” #LapChan

Everyone displaying their paper lanterns during the final exhibition. Can you spot my lantern? (Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the other nicer lanterns on exhibition. There were quite a few. Perhaps the other blogs would showcase some of them. Apologies for that!)

Awesome stuff. # A E S T H E T I C S


So nice you got to see it twice.

Kevin found a “Don’t Touch” label on the floor and decided to place it under my lamp. Thanks Kevin.

2) SHANGHAI: 人上人海

Accompanying music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_NA_qMZ1PQ

#H O W D E E P IS T O O D E E P  # H O N G K O N G E X P R E S S

Hangzhou East Train Station. So… many… people…

We took the slow train (慢车) to Shanghai. Bad decision. The lady ( bottom left) took my window seat then proceeded to slouch so hard that she was invading my seat space with her buttocks and also the miserable guy opposite her (right) with her legs. Terrible… just terrible…

The Bund in the day. OK.

City God Temple. Did not go in though. Too many people.

Find of the day: A local wet market on the outskirts of the city center. Excited Aditya was all like ,“ This is my kind of travelling…”

Nanjing Street at night.

The Bund at night. Awesome stuff.

On our way to our Airbnb place where we spent the night. It was on the outskirts of Shanghai. Aditya are you sure you booked correctly?

Ok Aditya you are forgiven.


Shanghai Museum of Sun Yat Sen’s Former Residence. Aditya is a big fan of Sun Yat Sen.

If anybody has watched the movie Her, you probably have seen this place. #JamesRowlins #HASS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsQqMwacZQw (1:46 minute mark)

Shanghai Pearl Tower in the day. OK.

Street side vendor at Zhangjiang High-Tech Park Station. Shop serving some ridiculous 肉夹馍. Mutton paste sandwiched in freshly made 馒头. Hmmm…

Night market right beside the rails. Nice.

Shanghai Pearl Tower at night. Awesome.

The High Speed Railway 高铁 on the return trip. Going to take it again. Good stuff.

3) FOOD: Food Montage

Chicken Cutlet with a cheesy inner core. Found in the deep corners of the wet market beside Yu Quan campus. #YuQuan>ZJG

Even when you need to detox, you can still detox like a king… for just 2.50 SGD! One of the school restaurants in Yu Quan campus.

多摩餐厅 burger joint near Yu Quan campus in the direction of YOLO road. Best burger eaten in China so far.

Beef noodles at a roadside store near Yuyuan garden. I had the original while Aditya had the 红烧 variant. We were eating at a table right in front of the store and served as good advertisement. We actually pulled in a lot of customers for the store.

Some big 汤包 that you need a straw to drink the broth. Unfortunately, it is a gimmick. Aditya enjoyed it though.

Leek Cracklet at Yuyuan Garden. Looks awesome, tastes mediocre…

鸡鸭血汤 at Nanxiang district of Shanghai. Aditya and I had some 汤包 also, but it was not as good as the place at “Yu Quan Houjie”.

OK! That’s all for this week! Cardiovascular Engineering exam next week. Time to start mugging…

LTF signing off

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