Hi LTF here again folks.

A very quiet week this week after the previous monster week in Xi’an (at least for me).

If you haven’t maybe you want to SEE THE AWESOME VIDEOS IN THE WEEK 6 POST!!!

And maybe check out my previous posts as well, if this is your virgin Brainzz post.

Ok back to the main agenda. For the theme, we had our presentations, which was the last component for our cardiovascular engineering course. The Design Fiction course was also under way and we learnt some photo editing as well as poster making using Photoshop. This week’s food montage will have some of the Xi’an food I did not have to cover last week. Enjoy.

1) PHOTOS: Before, After


Neptune poster.


#A E S T H E T I C S

Poster on our theme project. 脑师. Haha punny.

2) PRESENTATION: Last Cardiovascular Engineering Lesson

Credit to Wei Jun again for some of the photos. You can tell which ones he took and which one I took.

Team Blood Glucose Sensor aka Diabetes Saviors. Kevin putting his Korean charm on. PENTAKILL!!! PENTAKILL!!!


J Cube and Sidney pulled off the longest presentation of the session. Around 30 mins. Impressive.

Team Underwater World. Si Yan knows that I am taking the photo. Scary stuff right there.

Group photo with our professor, Professor Li from Rutgers University.

3) FOOD: Belated Food Montage (Xi’an Edition)

Meat on a skewer, what can go wrong?

冰峰. The preferred soda by the Xi’an natives. Too gassy for my tastes. But Aditya liked it.

肉夹馍 straight from Muslim street in Xi’an. Its son in Shanghai (see week 5) has some serious growing up to do.

Food lowlight: Hmm seems very different from the packaging…

Four dish appetizer from the restaurant 关中记忆. Colorful.

Hmm… I wonder what is inside?

Ohhh pork knuckle chunks. Awesome. From 金牌老碗.

See you next week! LTF signing off.

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Team members: Ang Wei Jun / Jway Jin Jun / Kevin Tan Kang Rui / Lam Teng Foong / Suen Hung Ying, Sidney / Tay Renjie / Teo Si-yan When humans think and feel, small electric signals zip from neuron to neuron. These signals can be detected in specific regions of the brain through a technique known as electroencephalograph (EEG). Group M, a mixture of aspiring EPD and ISTD students, aims to come up with a product that leverages on EEG technology. The desired outcome is a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) , in which a person can control the output of the device (such as an eletrical wheel chair) through mental thought alone. Stay tuned to our our blog as we share our latest developments as well as other exciting things we will be doing during ALP!


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