LTF here for another week of blogging. Not much interesting happening this week so I am just going to blog right smack in middle of the week 8. Do not worry my theme members has prepared an ENGRISH montage to keep you guys entertained for this week. They have painstakingly took a photo every time they saw ENGRISH (especially Renjie it is his favourite past time) to bring you this wonderful section. Credits to J^3, Kevin and Renjie for the photos.

The theme project is moving forward, with everyone taking a small chunk of the work but we still need to fit it all together. Electronics, headset design, server data storage, graph plotting, APP development, wireless connection, Bluetooth connection, video making are a few of the many tasks we are handling right now. Hopefully in a week or 2 we can piece them together.

1) 3D PRINTING and Many Other Things

Salmon-don at 黄龙体育场. It is only 5 SGD! Worth.

Rainbow Roll. Too bad it is not as delicious as it is colourful.

This week we visited the Engineering Training Centre for Metalworking in ZJG to get our first prototype fabricated out.

Professor Suo showing us around the 3D printing facility. The printer behind him can print 2 different materials in a single print job. Sick.

Metal 3D printer. It is so big I could not take a proper photo of it.

ZJU’s 3D printing room. Fab Lab up your game. The printers are all custom made in their lab. They have a secret room where they manufacture these sick babies.

Completed print jobs. Headset diameter was too small so we will increase it in the next iteration.

Modelling the headset using Autodesk Fusion 360 because it is easier for top-down design.

Looking good… But I think I am going to have a nightmare printing it out…

Weekly meeting at the QAAS office. Si Yan and Wei Jun not here because they went to climb Huang Shan. Kevin and I are going to climb next week!

Team ISTD (aka APP YOLO SWAG) would be angry if I only post stuff related to Team Headset so here is a screen shot of our APP that is still in development.



Hmm… Maybe it is just a one-off error. They can’t spell toilet wrongly… Right?



And I gently shy smile at this sign too.

The tiny grass smile to you, probably because you smile at the ENGRISH.

What sees is the poster, what consumes is the English proficiency.

I love this sign because top.

Yes, I would be honoured to jion you.

Ok… you are not even trying now. (This is in IDI by the way…)

3) FOOD: Food Montage (International Edition)

Salmon-don at 黄龙体育场. It is only 5 SGD! Worth.

Rainbow Roll. Too bad it is not as delicious as it is colourful.

What is Sidney carrying?

It’s Dominoooooooooooos Pizza. Potato bacon pizza was MVP.

Cheese Beef Bento on Fast Food Alley. Decent.

Remember Domore’s Burger I covered a few weeks back? It has become a weekly dinner thing. Look at that burger…

This was my third time at Domore’s. this is their Shrimp Pesto Pasta Set. 7 SGD. Probably the same price as Aglio Olio meal + Mushroom soup at SUTD canteen but less SIMPLY and more CLASSY. I hope someone got that joke.

BONUS ROUND: It was my birthday!

Credits for Aditya and Jordan for the photos.

My hair is getting long.

Blow the cake.

I celebrated my birthday on the 28th of June and my friends bought me a cake. Thanks guys!


Ok. See you next week! LTF signing off.

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Team members: Ang Wei Jun / Jway Jin Jun / Kevin Tan Kang Rui / Lam Teng Foong / Suen Hung Ying, Sidney / Tay Renjie / Teo Si-yan When humans think and feel, small electric signals zip from neuron to neuron. These signals can be detected in specific regions of the brain through a technique known as electroencephalograph (EEG). Group M, a mixture of aspiring EPD and ISTD students, aims to come up with a product that leverages on EEG technology. The desired outcome is a Brain Machine Interface (BMI) , in which a person can control the output of the device (such as an eletrical wheel chair) through mental thought alone. Stay tuned to our our blog as we share our latest developments as well as other exciting things we will be doing during ALP!


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