Hi, LTF here for another week of blogging! Apologies for the late post because I was making my video of Huangshan (and also theme stuff). This week’s blog entry will have no theme related stuff but week 10’s entry will be packed with all that sweet sweet blood, sweat and tears you guys want to see so much of. There would be smoother content flow this way.

Let’s get started.

1) MOVING: Bye Bye Yu Quan

Sidney and I packing to leave Yu Quan campus. Our two months stint at Yu Quan is up and it is time to move to ZJG campus. Sad face.

I hope my lantern will survive the trip… and it did!

“You can take the boys out of Yu Quan, but you cannot take the Yu Quan out of the boys!” – Jordan Sim. Well said commando, well said…

Same same but different.

The 风水 of the room was not right with the large cupboard separating Sidney and me so we eventually swapped it with the small table beside our bed. Much nicer.

2) FOOD: Food Montage

Back at the KBBQ place. We ordered soup noodles. Then we ordered cheese. Then we could not see the noodles anymore.

新周记 restaurant at Yu Quan campus. Fried mushrooms were MVP.

Last round of 鲜肉包 before leaving YQ.

“Potted Plant” dessert at 外婆家. Looks good right? The bowl looks so deep…

Food lowlight: 外婆家 I am so disappointed… How could you let me down? Thanks Clara for holding the bowl while I took the picture.

The Xixi Wetlands 外婆家 outlet. We came here immediately after returning from 黄山. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture until late game. Vincent was a  fat carry, even though he does not eat beef and vegetables. Look at that triumphant pose. MEGAKILL.


Cheese fried chicken wing near the East gate of ZJG campus. Not really nice though… #YQ>ZJG

3) HUANGSHAN: Videos!

Here are 3 videos of Huangshan. Same mountain, different styles. Enjoy!


Exhibit A: Jordan’s Video


Exhibit B: LTF’s Video (Mine!)


Exhibit C: Si Yan’s Video

Photo of the Trip: Rising Phoenix. If you have not seen it on my Facebook page yet. AWESOME.

Some parts of Huangshan were too touristy, such as the western side so I did not have any footage of it. Apologies.

Awesome trip, awesome friends. Thanks for the selfie Shaun.


Ok that’s all for this week.

LTF signing off.

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