Solo Trip Part 1

HangZhou -> Guilin -> XingPing -> YangShuo  -> Wuhan -> HangZhou

One week worth of travelling and I swear I walked more distance than I ever did the past whole year. Scary? Yes. Fun? Duh. Exciting? You don’t say. So, my chinese is terrible and I mean terrible to the extent I can’t read a food menu. Going on a solo trip for a whole entire week was the something I always wanted to but never dared try until today.

The journey begins~ to get to Guilin, I had to take a 16 hour overnight 火车, and in case you are wondering what it looks like inside, I’ve got you covered.

I will be posting some photos only, got a lot more from where it came from but I’m lazy. So I reached Guilin at 7am and the hostel that I was going to stay in could not check me in yet so…I went ahead and visited one of the famous mountains called 尧山. Its impossible to climb up so I had to take a lift chair up.

There ya go, the magnificent view over the east of Guilin. So back to the hostel which is called Ming Palace International Youth Hostel if you’re wondering.

Pretty chill place, stayed at a 6 bed dormitory, mixed and only 7SGD a night. Moving on!

Just some impressive nice stuff about Guilin. The next morning I went to climb 老人山.

Then to a place called 龙脊梯田 (Long’Ji Rice Terrace) which is another mountain and this time, I climbed up and down the entire mountain about 3 times, one hell of a journey.

Back to the hostel and passed by two poor animals.

Part 1 done, moving onnnnnnn.

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