Solo Trip Part 2

HangZhou -> Guilin -> XingPing -> YangShuo  -> Wuhan -> HangZhou

Moving on to part 2, I left Guilin and headed for XingPing and YangShuo. They were not far from Guilin. I got to XingPing by bullet train in just about 20 minutes. Getting from XingPing to YangShuo is an hour by bus. They are famous for the Karst Mountains surrounding the villages.

XingPing holds the location of the 20 Yuan note picture behind it.

Almost closing to sunset, I started to climb 老寨山 in hopes to see the sunset but sadly it was covered by clouds.

So the perks of living in cheap youth hostels all the way is, you make new friends and I made two new china friends who brought me out to eat the local food around XingPing and YangShuo. Featuring beer fish, not bad at all.

Then I moved on to Wuhan by yet another overnight train.

And by making more new friends, I got a tour around Wuhan University, unlike ZheJiang University, it was a lot older and located on top of a mountain or maybe a hill.

Never thought I will still see such a classroom in use in a University. Then we visited a museum in the school which had everything handmade. Look at those pictures, hand crafted, first picture by cutting paper and the second is a painting. Really really sick and impressive.

Time to finish this with me trying the awesomely recommended by the local, 小龙虾. This marks the end of my one week journey. If you have never ever tried travelling solo, take a leap of faith and trust me, that experience is worth it. You never know unless you try.


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