Another adventure towards the sky. Though torturous, I dare say it was pretty worth it. Here are my poor companions.

This is the entrance where we faked that we are ZJU Students so we could enter with the student price, almost failed, ALMOST but we smoke-ed our lucky way through. See the big-ass bag I am carrying? That is the tent that we are sleeping in tonight and we have to take turns carrying that bag on top of our own heavy bags up a 3-hour vertical hike. Shag bro shag.

Here’s a teaser.

Fast forward 3 hours upwards.

It was very cloudy that day we hiked, unlucky us strikes again. There would be like a 3 seconds window that the clouds will clear and you have to be quick to get that photo. Be a swifty.

Anyway, the next day we woke up at 4am to hike to the peak of the mountain only to be covered in clouds and only see the clouds when it is above our heads. Great. A great way to start the day.

I tried my best to smile. Straight down the mountain and home sweet home.

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Hi, I am Marvin, currently a fresh-no-more entering ESD. TFI was an option to all of us upon application for ALP, 10 was selected among the rest. I believe to fully experience the culture, to understand their lifestyle and to gain something extra out of this trip in China, we have to expose ourselves and be open to learn and see new things. The importance of giving back to society is essential to us, to remind us not to take for granted what we were blessed with.


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