13 Weeks flashed past, it was a crazy, fun and adventurous 13 weeks. Definitely a #worthitwinner.

Let me finish the game with my favourite moments!

Here is the top 10 list of my favourite moments:

10. Yellow Mountain, 黄山 = Torture & Fun

9. Wuhan University

8. Hushu Excursion

7. Shanghai DisneyLand, I am a Kid

6. Hushu’s Self-Proclaimed Children’s Day

5. Shanghai Ultimate, get rekt

4. LongJi Rice Terrace, good luck climbing

3. City of Guilin

2. Thank you Gods of Food

1. XingPing’s Sunset

This marks the end of my fun time in ALP. I wish I could go through the whole thing again, but I heard the next batch need to fork out their own money so GOOD LUCK HAHAHA.

Realize in the top 10, nothing is involved with school and studies. Not my fault.

Peace out~

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